The threads that weave our story

Where there is purpose and drive, there will be success.

In 2014, Shanmuga Priya found herself at the crossroads of her professional and personal life. Beginnings and ends entered her life at the same time; she had just had her baby boy when she lost her mother-in-law, who was a big pillar of support. While unsure about a lot of things, she was sure of her decision to give up her high-paying HR job to take care of her son.

In a little while, Shanmuga Priya who had been a driven professional for the past 5 years found that being idle at home didn’t suit her. Having been raised on the principles of relentless hard work, she could not quench the drive to keep doing more. That is when she took inspiration from her very enterprising mother-in-law, who had been a reseller in her days. Priya’s husband used to fondly tell her stories about how his mother would go around selling sarees within her circle to support the family.

Drawing inspiration from this, she and her husband bought a set of sarees and nighties and Priya announced her little business open to a close circle of neighbours, family and friends. Thus was sown the first patch of the Unique Threads story. The business didn’t have a name back then. It was just “Priya selling some sarees and nighties” The initial momentum slowly started to falter when it became a task to handle her little boy and tend to the customers who were visiting to look at the products.

Life seemed to come back to another pause and crossroad. Shanmuga Priya had to act quick and smart. She knew she had to find a way to make this work or find a way out, which she didn’t want to. That’s when the power of technology presented itself to her in the form of a close friend. While discussing the circumstances of her new business, her friend suggested she send the pictures of the products via WhatsApp. And that marks the second important threadwork that makes Unique Threads.

Her friend after ordering a few of the products that remained sent the images of them to her family and friends, who in turn ordered the rest. Apart from the appreciation for the products, her consumers began enquiring if they could buy products off of her to sell them forward. And thus was born the idea for a reselling network in Shanmuga Priya’s career. Propelled forward by the overwhelming reception, she quickly began modelling her business idea. One thing she didn’t want to compromise on was the fact that her products would be unique. What she offered, her customers couldn’t easily walk into garment store and find.

And so, she began sourcing her products from manufacturers directly She began learning and cultivating knowledge on sarees and selling them. Keeping in mind her USP to be unique, she chose the name Unique Threads and it fit the venture aptly. She knew she had to leverage her new-found online model to the best potential and she began upskilling for it. She learned to take better photographs of her clothes, she expanded her networking and she sold aggressively and compassionately.
She positioned Unique Threads the perfect way - whether you are a reseller or an end-consumer, browse, buy and sell these beautiful pieces of clothing from the comfort of your home. Unique Threads is now recognized by global platforms like WhatsApp Business, #WeTheWomen forum and more. The entire trade process of the venture takes place online and that has been a primary contributor to success, especially in the times we live in.

Today, six years since the inception of the Unique Threads has over 7000+ resellers in its network across the globe. And Unique Threads is also proud be the provider of meaningful employment to 100+ women entrepreneurs. We have expanded our offerings from a saree-only venture to one that now sells kurta/salwar (stitched and unstitched), Accessorized fashion, family-matched clothing sets and more. Unique Threads has slowly and steadily grown into a homegrown lifestyle brand and continues to grow.

Impressed with the growth and trusting the business model, a group of renowned investors from the US have funded the series A of Unique Threads. In the six years, Unique Threads has grown from a bag to a trusted business and we are still in our nascent stages. We hope to continue serving our consumers and community in the most fashionable and meaningful way!