About Us

Unique Threads Sarees is a long time entrepreneurial dream that was brought to reality by time and circumstances. Our founder Shanmuga Priya, who chose to become a homemaker after her son was born found herself with a desire to do more. Taking inspiration from her late mother-in-law who used to resell sarees among her social circle, she bought a few sarees and followed in her mother-in-law’s footsteps. Only, Shanmuga Priya broadened her path by reselling her sarees via WhatsApp to her friends and family. 

 The immensely positive response she received kept her going. Her customers asked to buy sarees from her and resell it within their circle and thus was born this community of resellers on WhatsApp. Now, it stands as a 6000+ strong reseller community spanning across the globe and providing meaningful employment to 100+ women.
It’s not just our reseller and consumer base that’s grown bigger and better, but our offerings too! Unique Threads is now an ethnic lifestyle brand that also specialises in designing accessories to match our sarees


Present-Day Scenario

 Following the impact and success of this business model and the soulful story behind the business, a group of established business personas from the United States of America have chosen to fund the Series A investment of UT Sarees . Under their guidance and the relentless vision to keep our community of dreams driven, Unique Threads Sarees is all set to embark on a transformative journey to become a leading and impactful fashion brand.